Central Public Library of Sparta

The Central Public Library of Sparta was founded in 1972. It is a public entity and belongs to the group of public libraries, which are supervised by the Ministry of National Libraries Section and Education.

The American Corners are partnerships between the Cultural section of the American Embassy in Athens and selected public libraries in Greece. 
These are the Central Public Libraries of Corfu, Veria, Sparti, and  the Municipal Library Xanthi. The Municipal Library of Nea Philadelphia is already hosting an American Shelf.

The efforts being made in the Library Sparta aims to draw up a comprehensive and exhaustive by topic, current and retrospective Laconian bibliography that will serve the need for as comprehensive and factual information for researchers interested in Laconia and will contribute substantially:
• archaeological and historical research on Ancient Sparta, Byzantine Mystras, Geraki, Monemvasia, Mani and generally Laconia,
• the study of the modern history of the region,

The printed and other material, which constitutes the collection of the children’s department as far as , the services provided mainly in children till 12 years old.

The collection of children’s section is included –informative  books ,literature books teaching materials, - for young individuals  aged 12-15, because it was the objective difficulties, as the lack of personnel and space, may not allow the operation of an independent teen section.Potential service for young individuals using computers and music exists in adult’s section.

The center library of bookcases which everybody has free access, has representative books of all categories classified according to the DEWEY decimal classification system. Also, in the basement room of the building, there is a second group of bookcases with the same decimal classification system. There are placed the rest of the books (old versions, Multiple Copies etc).

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8.00 π.μ. – 2.30 μ.μ.


8.00 π.μ. – 2.30 μ.μ.