Children?s department

Children?s department

The printed and other material, which constitutes the collection of the children’s department as far as , the services provided mainly in children till 12 years old.

The collection of children’s section is included –informative  books ,literature books teaching materials, – for young individuals  aged 12-15, because it was the objective difficulties, as the lack of personnel and space, may not allow the operation of an independent teen section.Potential service for young individuals using computers and music exists in adult’s section.

The classification of the material was based on DEWEY decimal system and is combined with colors (each thematic category has a corresponding color).

On children’s section , primary school students can:

– borrow and read books,

– work with other activities such as board games, painting, etc.

– become familiar with the space and the operation of the Library through the special education program “Contact with the Library”

– carry out a team project with the guidance of their teachers.

The location and the children’s section material is available to all teachers who wish to keep busy  their students such as  with nursery classes that are implementing the program of the day the Library.


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