Adult’s Department

Adult’s Department

The center library of bookcases which everybody has free access, has representative books of all categories classified according to the DEWEY decimal classification system. Also, in the basement room of the building, there is a second group of bookcases with the same decimal classification system. There are placed the rest of the books (old versions, Multiple Copies etc).

 Overall the collection of the Library consists of 70,000 volumes of books in which donations include from P. Grammatikakis and II. Poulitsa. Library lends books that can be replaced and they are not rare. The borrowing is not possible for all the books, magazines, CDs and DVDs with the only exception of their lending to teachers for classroom use.

The automation of the list happens with the insertion of data in the bibliographical data base with the usage of the system automating list ABEKT 5.6.

On the same floor there is a reading lobby, where the use of audiovisual media is integrated (TV, music), and the section of the magazines.

The design and equipment of  the reading lobby ,allows the easy conversion into a space which can host events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions etc.


Ωράριο λειτουργίας


8.00 π.μ. – 2.30 μ.μ.


8.00 π.μ. – 2.30 μ.μ.